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 With a smaller meal plan than the unlimited plan first years use, I was thrown into the challenge of figuring out where to buy groceries 

Learning from my groceries

Whether it meant financial sacrifice or sacrificing my time, I made sure to choose grocery stores based on my needs at the moment, not on any expectations I had for myself. 

Cecy Juárez is a Life Editor for The Cavalier Daily.

I’m in love with you

 Allowing myself to fall in love with everyday things has completely transformed my outlook on life — I am able to appreciate the little things that make living worthwhile. 

Whether it is a proactive measure or something I do when I am not feeling amazing, journaling always helps me check my emotions and refocus myself accordingly. 

Why I journal

There’s something so therapeutic about getting every thought in your head out — the release is almost euphoric.  

In terms of actually taking pictures, one very important piece of advice I have is to either take them during the day or have a good lighting source for your food at night.

How to run a foodstagram in college

Creating a food Instagram has inspired my housemates and I to eat consistently, and we even find ourselves getting excited to make, plate and snap a picture of our delicious-looking meals.

Typically, I would find myself reading right before bed or during breaks from doing homework.  

My 2021 in 119 books

In 2021, I actively made it an effort to read daily and that meant I could even read for as little as 15 minutes some days.