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Love Connection: Gabriel and Nicole

Zipporah fails to hook her Moses despite numerous attempts at flirtation


Year: Third
School: Arts & Sciences
Major: Foreign Affairs and Economics
Sexual orientation: Straight
U.Va. involvement: Burke Society, President of Virginia East Asia Society, AEI Executive Council
Hometown: Madbury, NH
Ideal date (physical attributes and personality): Athletic, vivacious, intelligent and self-motivated.
Ideal date (activity): Dinner — I’ll propose Italian, but it’s her choice, of course — and a meandering walk back through Grounds, shadowed by serenading violinists.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Uma Thurman
Deal breakers? Smoker or overweight
Describe a typical weekend: Watching movies or going out with friends on Friday, sleeping in on Saturday, then running, reading and meeting with old friends for the rest of the weekend.
Hobbies: Running, learning languages and philosophy and finding free food.
If your dating life were a primetime or reality show, what would it be? I would be Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother.”
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? Plenty of times
What makes you a good catch? It’s okay to brag! Athletic (former varsity athlete), bright (double major and can speak four languages) and super attractive (coffeecolored skin, well-dressed, and did I mention a six-pack?)
Describe yourself in one sentence: If you never try, you’ll never know.


Year: Second
School: Architecture School
Major: Architecture
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
U.Va. involvement: Association Council, Zeta Tau Alpha, Outdoors Club, Catholic Student Ministry, Architecture Brigades
Hometown McLean, Va.
Ideal date (physical attributes and personality): Flawless — homeless, skinny, Brazilian, dreadlocks, can sing, struggling artist
Ideal date (activity): Being sung to, eating free food
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Jared from Subway
Deal breakers? Short.
Describe a typical weekend: Chillin’ at Club Dunkin, sleeping, raging, watching “Avatar: the Last Airbender”
Hobbies: Eating
If your dating life were a primetime or reality show, what would it be? “Toddlers and Tiaras”
Have you ever streaked the Lawn? No, but I’ve mowed the lawn.
What makes you a good catch? It’s okay to brag! I can fish.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Zipporah needs her Moses.

Gabriel and Nicole met at the Rotunda on Friday night at 7 p.m. and went to Crozet Pizza.

Gabriel: A bunch of my friends were in Club Clem and were really bored. [We thought] Love Connection would be something fun to talk about, so I signed up.

Nicole: I wanted to find love. I was lonely.

Gabriel: I wasn’t that surprised when I was chosen. I told some friends and we were debating the merits of whether or not you could employ the lemon law or not [Editor’s note: This is a “How I Met Your Mother” reference that states that bailing on a blind date within the first 5 minutes is acceptable — no questions asked].

Nicole: I was excited and shocked. I told a lot of people. They were super excited. My roommate was so excited. She wanted to come. She said to text if it was really bad for her to come save me.

Gabriel: Anyone who’s adventurous enough to go on a blind date would probably be a good blind date!

Nicole: I hadn’t been on a blind date before. I do have a Christian Mingle account, though, so I’m hopeful. My expectations were very high — I was really hoping to find love.

Gabriel: She was the only one standing alone so I went up to her and asked if she was there for the Cavalier Daily blind date. We decided we’d go toward the Corner. She suggested Crozet Pizza, which I hadn’t been to. The pizza was really good.

Nicole: I sat there. I was wearing white pants and I was nervous they were going to get dirty from the dirt on the steps. I was also playing Candy Crush for a bit on my phone. He was tall and holding a water bottle, so [my first impression was] he was super prepared and hydrated.

Gabriel: She was close, but not exactly my type. She’s in a sorority and I’m not big on the frat scene. We had a few things in common — we were both mixed race, so we had to guess each other’s nationalities. It was fun but difficult.

Nicole: I usually like guys with dreadlocks, piercings or tattoos, and he didn’t really have that. He was dressed nicely.

Gabriel: She said she was in the A-school and I like architecture so we talked about that a bit. We discussed after-college plans. We discussed our family.

Nicole: We talked about architecture a lot because he’s into that. We also talked about languages because he’s studied a couple languages. When the train passed I could not concentrate at all, so I was just watching the train for 15 minutes. It was weird.

Gabriel: We did not have much [in common].

Nicole: It was interesting. It was fun, friendly — he was a fun, cool guy. He talked a lot for a guy, but it was pretty balanced conversation-wise. It wasn’t really awkward.

Gabriel: There was not really much flirting going on. More of a friend vibe.

Nicole: I was trying to flirt real hard — doing all my classy flirty things — and there wasn’t any response.

Gabriel: We split the cost of the meal. One of her best friends was having a birthday party, so she went there and I went to hang out with people at my house. We didn’t exchange numbers or say anything about future plans, but I’d certainly say hi if I saw her around.

Nicole: I would go out with him again if he ever gets over Emily Richards. The romantic connection was very one-sided on my part. I proposed but I’m still waiting for a response. He’s not in the right place yet. He has to work more before he settles down. He has to find himself on Wall Street.

Gabriel: I’d rate the date an 8.5. No flirting or anything, but it was a good date. We both had good sense of humor. A good date, but nothing special.

Nicole: He deserves an infinity [rating], but Zipporah is still looking for her Moses with dreads.