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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Reintroducing The Cavalier Daily’s podcast desk

Last week, The Cavalier Daily released the first episode of its recently revived “On Record” podcast.

<p>Lewis’s inaugural episode as host of “On Record” was released March 17.</p>

Lewis’s inaugural episode as host of “On Record” was released March 17.

To our readers,

I am so excited to announce the return of The Cavalier Daily’s podcast — “On Record.” In my eyes, the revival of the “On Record” podcast is an opportunity for our newspaper to connect listeners directly to the people in our community who are writing the history of now. Students, faculty, administrators and more will be featured on the podcast, allowing listeners to take a deeper dive into articles recently published by The Cavalier Daily. As student journalists, we are in the storytelling business, and the “On Record” podcast will enhance our newspaper’s ability to tell stories that engage, inform and inspire the University and its community. 

The “On Record” podcast is the product of our recently relaunched podcast desk, which is overseen by Evelyn Lewis. In addition to serving as our podcast editor, Lewis is also the new host of “On Record.” Lewis and her team of podcast staffers work together to brainstorm ideas, interview sources, write scripts and ultimately deliver the podcast to The Cavalier Daily’s readership. 

Lewis’s inaugural episode as host of “On Record” was released March 17. In that episode, Lewis sat down with the University’s Dean of Admission Greg Roberts to discuss recent changes to the college admissions landscape, including the recent removals of both affirmative action and legacy admissions. Future episodes of the “On Record” podcast will be released intermittently for the rest of the semester, with the goal of working towards a bi-weekly publishing schedule. Listeners will be able to find our podcast on all major streaming platforms, as well as on The Cavalier Daily’s website. 

“On Record” will serve as an invaluable asset in our newspaper’s journey to continue telling stories in a way that illuminates new ideas, engages the community and captures diverse perspectives. This is the ethos that drives the work we do here on staff, and this is the ethos that makes a podcast the perfect medium to elevate our content. In short, I hope that you all are as excited as we are about the revival of The Cavalier Daily’s podcast desk. 

Happy listening! 

Nathan Onibudo



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