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Emily Roper

Odd String Cheese gets strung-out

Sometimes, an 'A' for effort just doesn't make sense, and this is one of those times. After three studio albums and relentless touring, one would think The String Cheese Incident would have found its element by now.

Cry me a river

My dad gave me two pieces of advice before I left for college. First, always check to see if a book has been made into a movie before removing the shrink-wrap from a textbook.

A Generation Changed?

Alarm clocks buzzed in residences around the city, pulling sleepy Americans out of bed to start a new day.

A bridge between centuries

Four years, eight semesters and countless tests and papers ago, the Class of 2002 began their journey through college that would span across two centuries Many left home without a care in the world, worrying most about staying in touch with that high school sweetheart or getting along with new roommates. As they stuffed all their worldly belongings into suitcases, u-halls and the family car, few could imagine the events they would experience over the next four years that would shape their lives forever.

Renovations to update look of Fashion Square Mall

Charlottesville's Fashion Square Mall will be getting a facelift in the coming weeks, as mall officials plan for a multi-million dollar renovation project. While a timeline for the project has not been finalized, it is slated to begin in the next several weeks.

Plum pleads guilty in two sexual assault cases

Michael Bryan Plum of Charlottesville pleaded guilty yesterday to eight separate charges relating to two sexual assaults that occurred over two years apart. Plum, 25, was indicted in Charlottesville Circuit Court in April on four felony charges in connection to the October 1998 rape of a female University student that occurred beneath Beta Bridge.

Organizations search for new venues

The Inter-Fraternity Council resolution limiting house rentals to other Greek organizations has left groups on Grounds scrambling to find other venues for this semester's social events. Many Contracted Independent Organizations, businesses and other on-Grounds independent organizations use fraternity houses several times a semester.

IFC votes to limit house rentals

The Inter-Fraternity Council passed a resolution last night prohibiting non-Greek organizations from renting fraternity houses for social events. "This has come up as a result of various problems we've had over the years as well as the realization that liability is to high of a priority to continue a loose policy," IFC President Josh Johnson said. The resolution - which passed by a vote of 24 to 3 - limits house rentals to members of the Inter-Sorority Council, Black Fraternal Council and Multi-Cultural Greek Council.

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