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Sally Bacon

ADAPT aims to increase peer alcohol education

The University's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team is looking at substance abuse prevention programs to assess the need for increased peer education. ADAPT was created by the Institute for Substance Abuse Studies last spring as a result of the University's 1998 Alcohol Task Force, which looked into ways to prevent alcohol abuse at the University. Through the utilization of peer educators, three subcommittees within ADAPT will focus on promoting awareness, providing educational outreach and serving as an accessible resource for students. University students also play a key role in ADAPT. "On issues like alcohol, students have a better understanding of how to relate to fellow students ... they've been there," Dean of Students Penny Rue said. Last semester, the Institute for Substance Abuse studies recruited 14 students to train to be ADAPT peer educators. The ADAPT peer educators include "members of the Greek system, members from every class, transfer students and resident advisors," said Alison Houser, Prevention Programs and Services interim director.

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