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Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should #1: ‘The Man from Earth’

(04/10/14 11:20am)

I’d personally like to welcome you all to the first installment of my column “Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should.” As an avid viewer of movies and films of all sorts, I believe there are some films that may not have the fame or following of many popular movies but are well worth a watch.

Weird Music Wednesdays #6: Wu-Tang Clan and the Great Hip-Hop Swindle

(04/02/14 9:39am)

In today’s music business, artists must take steps to protect their necks against early release, copyright infringement and other musical pitfalls. That’s why the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan will be producing only one copy of their next studio album, eventually selling it in an extravagant silver box for a multimillion dollar price. In a "recent interview with Forbes":, frontman RZA said the group intends to reinstate the idea of music as “a piece of art” or “a collector’s item,” and thus, the album will be taken on a tour of museums and galleries where fans can pay an admission fee — about 30 to 50 dollars — to listen to the album inside the venue.