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Broadening the discourse

I admire The Cavalier Daily's Ombudsman, Tim Thornton, for unabashedly stumping for The Cavalier Daily ("Getting the message across," Oct. 14) as the "surest way to improve the 'common conversation of the whole University.'" I feel, however, that the inclusion of pamphlets in University discourse will do far more than equal efforts promoting The Cavalier Daily.

I believe this for one reason: activism. Writers and outspoken individuals will always write and take action, but they are the minority. The majority are inactive and do little more than glance at The Cavalier Daily on the stands. Pamphlets are different from newspapers because their very nature is active. If a contracted independent organization makes a pamphlet, they must physically distribute each one. The group not only engages its own members and those already interested, but it can also pique the interest of students who have never bothered with the issues. By engaging this new audience, pamphlets broaden and deepen the discourse on Grounds. And a more vibrant discourse will also come back around to help the major papers at the University by giving them a more thoughtful and engaged community. Everyone wins.

Joel Taubman\nSEAS II