Wanna write me a recommendation?


I would love to catch up [in office hours/literally whenever you specifically have listed you are not available].

Christina Anton | Cavalier Daily

Dear [Professor/Mr./Mrs./Dr./Reverend/other] [insert last name here],

I hope you have been doing well! My name is [insert full name here] and, as you may know, I am a [student/pupil/lost soul/human bean] of yours at the University of Virginia. I have had such a wonderful time in your [class/seminar/congregation/dance troupe/cult] this past semester (remember that [insert that one thing that happened one time that was kind of funny]!). Additionally, I am really enjoying the material that we are covering. I would like to explore this subject further and was wondering if you would possibly be willing to write me a recommendation for this [major/internship/study abroad/graduate school/job/other unnecessarily competitive program at U.Va.] that I’m interested in pursuing.

I realize you might not know me very well since I [don’t raise my hand very much/have never been to your office hours/don’t show up to class/literally am not enrolled at this university] but that’s just because I’m [shy/understanding the material so well/lazy/literally not enrolled in this university]. However, I am very interested in the field and am actually [doing research under another professor/in a club that only tangentially relates to what we’re talking about]. I think if you look at my attached [resume/résumé/réšümé] you will find that I have [a very detailed explanation that explains why experience in Greek Life totally correlates to what you teach/actual experience in what you teach] that you just don’t find in every applicant.

If you’d like to meet up to hear more about my [research/career aspirations/volunteer work/relationship problems], I would love to catch up [in office hours/literally whenever you specifically have listed you are not available]. If you are for some reason not available to meet with me, I have attached a [writing sample/cover letter/interpretive dance video/bribe] to this email that I think will help you get to know me a little bit better.

I know I could’ve gone to other people who have a bit more experience working with me, like my [TA/past bosses/parents/yoga instructor/first-year RA] for this recommendation, but I really felt that you would be the perfect person to write this for me. This is because I know you are [such a respected figure in the community/the only teacher that might remember me/on the admissions committee/soft]. I just think your word would mean so much, and I would be very grateful for your endorsement. Since I [got an A in your class/am friends with your kid/know where you live] I hope it’s not too much trouble!

Finally, I am very excited to enroll in another one of your programs next semester [so that it’s awkward if you don’t write me a recommendation/because you’re an easy grader/since I genuinely enjoy your field] and just wanted to let you know that we’ll be spending even more time together!  

Thank you so much for your time and for considering to write a recommendation for me. Please let me know if you have any [questions/comments/concerns — actually don’t tell me about any concerns — just don’t respond and say you never got this email when I awkwardly approach you after class about it] that I can answer for you. I hope you have a lovely day!

Oh, by the way, it’s due on Friday!

[Best/Very Respectfully/Salutations/Warmest Wishes/Much Love],

[insert nickname here to show y’all are closer now at the end of the email]

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